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Our Programs

Childcare needs to be a safe, nurturing place where real learning and exploration can happen. Children should be allowed to make messes, to make mistakes, and find their voice knowing it will be valued. It should be a place where a child can feel free to shine or merely observe and where inclusivity and differences are celebrated. The children will understand that Orkidz preschool is a space where their voices are the most important in the room and that all opinions are welcomed and honored. At Orkidz Preschool, our mission is to provide children with an area where they can feel free to express themselves and share their loves and dislikes with equal passion in a space free of judgment or shame.


A child care center should be a place for parents to know their children will be nurtured, and taken care of. We encourage parents to visit the preschool during the day as we have an Open Door Policy. We will seek the input of parents regarding day-to-day agendas, policy changes, and center events. We will set up a classroom and center-wide potlucks and activities to bring together our beautiful community at Orkidz preschool.

Music Class

Our music class provides your children with the opportunity to explore their creative side with the use of musical pieces and body composition.

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Monthly Field Trips

Our monthly field trips have had a tremendous impact on the monthly curriculum. We believe that allowing the children to experience the world around them helps them become conscious global citizens.

Reading and Writing

Children are provided with reading and writing assignments daily to help them reach their benchmark goals. 

Yoga Class

All children will attend weekly yoga classes to help them stretch and learn about physical health.

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